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Jug Video of the Day: World Cup: England Fans Get Rowdy, Trash IKEA, After Win Against Sweden

July 9th, 2018

England soccer fans caused damage, scaled traffic lights, lit flares, and generally went bonkers after the Three Lions' World Cup win against Sweden.

Three Lions fan got rowdy in London, with one guy filmed climbing onto the roof of a double-decker bus before jumping on to a bus stop. He crashed straight through the glass and sent an innocent woman flying onto the pavement.

Other fans climbed on top of an ambulance, causing damage to the roof and busting the windshield.

Two shirtless men were filmed riding on the hood of a car. Unable to see, the driver reportedly nearly crashed into a family crossing the street with their dog.

A large group of men were caught on video trashing an IKEA in Stratford, London. IKEA said it was aware of the incident, but did not give information about damages and reminded people that the company is both Swedish and British.

Detectives are investigating incidents seen in videos and images circulating on social media. Police say they are going to track people down who are responsible for doing damage.

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