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Jug Video of the Day: Brothers Have Open-Heart Surgery Months Apart

November 14th, 2018

A Wisconsin veteran was declared clinically dead, but then he woke up.

The veteran, who served 32 and a half years as member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard, was scheduled for a specialized surgery to clean plaque out of his arteries and lungs. Before that could happen, he became very ill. He was having trouble breathing and was coughing up blood.

He was flown by helicopter from the central part of the state, to Milwaukee. There, he went into cardiac arrest. The veteran’s wife said, “His heart did not beat just over three minutes.”

His heart surgeon put him on life support so his family could have a chance to say goodbye.

Instead of dying, the veteran suddenly woke up the next day and he was in much better shape than anyone could have imagined. He underwent heart surgery and is now back home preparing for another holiday season with his family.

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