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Keith Urban on the 'TODAY' show

February 8th, 2017

Keith Urban co-hosted the third hour of the “Today” show with Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones. The singer was asked to play a game of country confessions, where he pulled questions out of a cowboy boot (how very country) and confessed the answers.

The first question: Better accent, Southern or Australian? Keith played it safe by saying “Australia is Southern” before going into his own questionable Southern accent.

The next question: What’s the craziest thing an audience member has ever done at one of your concerts? Keith recalls, “Someone from way out in the audience yelled out, ‘Will you sign my leg?’ I thought ‘This is great’. I said ‘Yeah, this would be great, come up onstage and I’ll sign the leg.’ She disappeared and I couldn’t see her for a minute. Next minute she lobbed this prosthetic leg onto the stage. It hit the stage with a thud. So I signed it and thought, ‘What’s the proper prosthetic leg returning etiquette?’ Do you throw it back, do you have her come up and get it?”

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