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SCIENCE CONFIRMS: The Hottest Dance Moves

February 10th, 2017

A study has identified some of the common body movements that seem to characterize the best female dancers, in a social setting at least: hip swings, plus some coordinated asymmetry in the arms and legs.

The team asked 39 young women, ages 18 to 30, to dance to a drum pulsing at 125 beats per minute. None of the subjects was a professional dancer. They were asked to “pretend you're in a nightclub, this track comes on—just dance as you would if you were completely happy and chilled out.”

The researchers used motion-capture technology to record the dancers and then turned them into identical on-screen avatars with noticeably female figures but no other identifying traits. They asked 200 crowdsourced viewers—57 men and 143 women—to rate the dancers on a seven-point scale from extremely bad to extremely good. And as it turned out, the best dancers all had certain moves in common.

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