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A new season of American Idol premieres tonight on FOX, and Tim McGraw, for one, is happy to see that  his friend Keith Urban will be sitting at the judges’ table representing country music.

Tim tells us: “You know what, he’s one of my favorite people. He’s a really good guy, and as far as somebody who represents country music and the face of somebody, and the music of somebody that you would want out there representing what you do, he’s certainly somebody that I would want to hold up and put a light on for us.”

Tim and Keith worked together on Tim’s hit, “The Highway Don’t Care,” along with Taylor Swift.

American Idol airs at 8 p.m. ET.



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Sam Hunt is doing things a little differently when it comes to writing and recording songs. For instance, his current hit, “Take Your Time,” features Sam talking — just speaking the lyrics — at various points throughout the song… “That wasn’t intentional. I just stumbled across that while playing on the guitar and talking and sort or rambling non-sensical lyrics and a friend of mine who I was writing with just thought it was really cool, and we decided to use that as a recipe to write and song, and the song turned out great so I guess after that I loved it so much, just the way the song turned out, that I decided to do it again. For a while I avoided it because I thought, ‘I don’t want to just redo that thing I did in that song,’ but then it was just a natural thing that sounded unique to myself, and so I did it a couple more times on a couple other songs.”

Sam will headline a club tour beginning later this month on the West Coast… JAN/29 in Hollywood and JAN/30 in Anaheim.

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1. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, $21.9 million

2. Into the Woods, $19.1 million

3. Unbroken, $18.4 million

4. The Woman in Black 2, $15.1 million

5. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, $14.5 million

6. Annie, $11.4 million

7. The Imitation Game, $8.1 million

8. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1, $7.7 million

9. The Gambler, $1.4 million

  1. Big Hero 6, $4.8 million

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A lot of people make the resolution to get in better shape in the New Year, but Thomas Rhett says he’s considering adjusting his already healthy way of working out… “Our New Year’s resolutions this year might be a bit different because me and my wife have done a pretty decent job at tryin’ to stay in shape and eat right, but I would say that my New Year’s resolution would be to stretch more. To maybe do a little bit more diverse workouts, such as yoga, maybe hot yoga, maybe sweathouse kinda thing. Maybe get more into the whole stretching spiritual mind set of things. Yah, that might be my New Year’s resolution.” Thomas is enjoying his latest hit with “Make Me Wanna,” which is continuing to climb the charts. He’s also working on his sophomore album, which he will release this year.



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Although they spend much of their year together on the road, The Band Perry says it’s a must that they all celebrate New Year’s Eve together as well. The band also has a family tradition… “Neil – But I will say, the Perry boys do put on one of the best fireworks shows ever. I mean it’s pretty spectacular.” Reid – “We do.” Kimberly – “Will y’all do that one where you light the big ones, you know, the loud ones. They like, what do you do?” Neil – “We twist the fuses together.” Kimberly – “Which might not … don’t try this at home kids. Twist the fuses together so it’s like double …”Reid – “So you light ‘em both off at the same time.” Neil “Like two fireworks shoot up in the air at the same time.” Neil – “No, we are semi-professionals.” The band is nominated for 2 Grammy’s.



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Miranda Lambert has had a big year, and so has the song “Automatic.” It became her highest debuting single ever, and racked up numerous nominations and was awarded CMA Single of the Year, CMT Video of The Year and is up for 2 Grammy’s. Miranda says the song can be a reminder to appreciate the present as well as the past…“It’s very fast paced, this life that I’m livin’ right now — and the life that we’re all livin’, just slow down for a second, you know, and enjoy what’s happening because it’s always about the next: the next place, the next, you know, show, the next event, whatever’s happenin’, and it’s never about right now or what we did five years ago. It’s like, ‘Remember that time…’ It’s…I feel like I just want to make sure I’m enjoyin’ this, and it’s kind of like a mental scrapbook in a way.” Miranda had 4 CMA wins this year, including her fifth consecutive female vocalist award.



Too many times New Year’s Eve partying comes with a hangover. So if you find yourself trying to avoid one, take it from someone who’s been there. With a song like “Whiskey In My Water” it’s only fitting that Tyler Farr would have a remedy…“This is coming from a professional: drink Pedialyte. Preferably two of ’em. It says it’s for babies, but it works. it’ll cure the hangover. Take two or three Tylenol Extra Strength before you go to bed, Waffle House when you get up. Done deal. You can tell I’m not speaking from experience.” “Whiskey In My Water” was a #1 song for Tyler.



Already famous as this season’s winner of The Voice, Craig Wayne Boyd is now the second artist in country music history to have a single go to #1 during its first week on the charts. Garth Brooks made history when “More Than a Memory” debuted at #1 in 2007 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Nielsen Music, “My Baby’s Got A Smile on Her Face” is also at the top of the Country Digital Songs list with 99,000 downloads sold. Craig is the winner of The Voice – Team Blake Season 7.



Luke talks with Tom this morning about winning in Vegas at the 2014 NFR, his shoulder that exploded in Salinas and his party this Sunday (call 925-4125 for tix/res).


Justin Timberlake thrilled fans in Nashville at his sold-out show on Friday with a surprise appearance by Garth Brooks. Prior to Garth’s arrival on stage, Justin strummed a guitar and played the first few notes of “Friends In Low Places.” He even sang a few lines before abruptly halting the performance and saying, “Something don’t feel right. I mean, if you’re gonna do this. Garth?” The audience shrieked as the superstar walked out on stage and the two treated the crowd to a duet version of the hit song. Garth pulled out his own cell phone during the performance and videoed himself singing with Justin, later posting it to social media. He tweeted, “I saw an ENTERTAINER tonight! @jtimberlake #Justinrcredible”. Check out some cell phone footage as it’s our JUG VIDEO of the DAY.




Kenny Chesney’s “American Kids” is Rolling Stone Magazine’s #1 Country Song of the Year. Kenny admits the song sounds unlike anything he had ever recorded and it’s been a success on many levels as it went straight to # 1 and stayed there for two weeks. Looking back, Kenny says he knew right away the song was special,“This song was just so unique and I knew just as soon as I heard it that it was going to be one of those songs that had the potential to be special.” “American Kids” is nominated for a Grammy.  Rounding out the top 3: Miranda – #2 with “Automatic and #3 – Little Big Town “Girl Crush”



MADDIE & TAE may still be teenagers, but that doesn’t stop them from making history. Their debut year gave them their first single, their first GOLD certification and their first #1 hit with “Girl In A Country Song.” Rolling Stone Magazine has already dubbed the song as the “most talked about” Country song in 2014. Maddie admits, “It started as a song that made us laugh, because we knew we could never measure up to those girls in the songs… and honestly, who’d want to?” Maddie and Tae are both 19.



As 2014 draws to a close, Dolly Parton is far from resting on her laurels, and shows no signs of slowing down. The songstress continues to make history, with a record setting tour overseas, and yet another UK Platinum record, “Blue Smoke”. The album is a best of collection. Dolly has worldwide sales of over one hundred million. Her career has span over 6 decades…first hit was 1967.