This week’s featured Pet Pal is Bob (and his domestic partner Snowball). Bob is a 1-year-old cute short haired black cat with stunning gold eyes and an adorable short (“bob”) tail. Quiet and independent, Bob keeps to himself, but he is always welcoming of attention and love and will express his appreciation for your pats by giving sweet licks. Bob gets along with everyone—children, adults and other cats (Snowball especially), alike, so he is puurfect for any type of household. He would prefer someone who will respect his need for his own space and time (he is a cat, after all!!), along with wanting to live with his life-partner Snowball, but he is sure to want to spend lots of time cuddling with you too! Bob & Snowball spend every waking (and sleeping) hour together, they lounge in the sun together, playfully take turns batting at each other, grooming each other, and snuggling up at night together. These two cats are literally inseparable.

Gentle, loving and calm, but with a fun, playful side to his personality, Bob has all the attributes that anyone could ask for. All he asks for in return is a loving new forever home. Due to the “modern relationship” between Bob and Snowball, we are asking that these two cats are adopted out together. Bob and Snowball are both neutered, current on vaccinations, micro chipped, litter box trained, and available for a 2-for-1 adoption special.

Snowball is a previously featured Pet Pal from a few months ago- He is a 5-year-old white coated cat who has called WHS home since 2010. You can’t miss this handsome, charming, big boy. The first thing you notice is he has one blue eye and the other is green. He may seem shy at first but after you spend any time around him you’ll realize that he is just a mellow guy. When he decides you’re trustworthy he won’t wait for an invitation to jump on your lap so he can snuggle. Due to his color and his affinity to sleep in the sunlight, Snowball developed some cancerous tumors on his ears which have since been removed. We ask that Snowball go to a home that will keep him indoors for the majority of the day with limited exposure to direct outdoor sunlight. Besides, he would rather spend time lovingly playing with his best bud Bob anyway.

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