The watchdog group Corporate Accountability International is calling for McDonald’s outlets to be kicked out and kept out of hospitals and health centers, quote, “to stop fostering a food environment that promotes harm.” Some 2,000 health professionals have endorsed the effort, which is aimed at places like the prestigious Cleveland Clinic and seven children’s hospitals that have McDonald’s franchises. The Week cites one supporter, Rupert Shepherd of Medical News Today, as comparing the McDonald’s outlets in hospitals to, quote, “allowing cigarette vending machines in their staff cafeteria areas.” However, USA Today reports it’s not as easy as it many seem to get the franchises out, saying, “In many cases, long-standing contracts — created before hospitals adopted what some call a ‘culture of wellness’ — keep unwelcome food vendors in place.” The Cleveland Clinic, in fact, actually tried to evict McDonald’s in 2005, but couldn’t because they still had a contract.

McDonalds and Hospitals

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