Dierks Bentley will be tuning in to the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 5th). He has a few predictions for the big event, including an extended game and the ultimate winner. Dierks tells us: “I just saw these guys play a couple years ago in Phoenix, my hometown, I watched the Pats play the Giants and saw the Giants win and it was a great game, and there’s been so many Super Bowls that aren’t great games. My hope is for overtime, fourth quarter. That’s what I want . . . extend the drinking process, let’s drag this thing out and really have a great game. I think Tom Brady’s gonna win. I just think after losing the year before he’s too competitive, he’s just too good! Eli’s unbelievable too, but underneath his calm exterior — both those guys are pretty calm on the outside, but I think Brady just is . . . he can really be . . . he wants it bad.”

Dierks & The Super Bowl 2-3

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