Kenny Chesney was in attendance at last night’s (Jan. 17th) Grammy nominee party in Nashville to celebrate his nominated hit, “You And Tequila.” Kenny walked the red carpet with the song’s writers, Deana Carter and Matraca Berg, whom he credited with giving him one of his favorite songs of his career.

Kenny said that “You And Tequila” really hit home with him a couple of years ago. “You know, I was driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in 2007. I had rented a house in Malibu and I was driving up at sunset, and I heard this song, ‘You and Tequila,’ and it killed me because I was at that spot in my life. I mean, that song, it was just . . . it was a gift from God, and I’ll be singing ‘You and Tequila’ for the rest of my life, no doubt about it.”

Kenny Chesney

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