Lady Antebellum knew they had a hit on their hands when they finished writing their latest hit, “Dancin’ Away With My Heart.” Of the dozens of songs that Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley penned for their latest project, Own The Night, this particular one stood out. Charles tells, “I think it’s one of the songs for sure we knew after we wrote it that it was gonna be on the record. We try to write atleast about 40 songs or so going into each record, and we just had a feeling this was gonna be a special song for us. (We) wrote it with Josh Kear, who we wrote ‘Need You Now’ with, but I think hopefully a lot of people will be able to relate to it and take them back a little bit.”

Charles says the nostalgic song takes listeners down memory lane.  “You know, it’s definitely that moment in time, you know, whether it was like prom . . . not to sound cheesy, but it is — those special moments. You know, I can remember being in that moment, and you always kind of wonder what that person’s probably doing now, you know? Who did they become? Who are they with? Do they have kids?”

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