Since tying the knot with NHL player Mike Fisher in 2010, Carrie Underwood has been answering that age-old question — when are you having kids? Despite consistently telling reporters that she and Mike are putting off having a family, reports continue to swirl that the singer is making way for baby. Whattoexpect.com reports that members of Carrie’s inner circle have said she has stopped drinking alcohol, which, they say, “could mean she’s prepping her body for pregnancy (if she’s not expecting already!).”

With a new album and tour in the works, it’s doubtful the superstar is with child. In fact, right before Christmas Carrie told us that she and Mike just aren’t ready for parenthood. “I’m still a newlywed. Next year being so busy and I think 2013 is probably gonna end up being pretty busy as well, and my husband’s hockey schedule is absolutely insane. I really think it’d be a bad idea — ‘Sorry, honey, you’re not gonna see the kids for a couple months cause we’re all going on tour.’ I just don’t think that’d be really fair, and we’re not ready. We’re enjoying each other and spending time with each other and just having fun and being silly.”

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