This week’s featured pet pal is Johnny, a 2-year-old handsome, short haired orange tabby with beautiful, almond shaped gold eyes and a sweet pink nose. Johnny transferred into WHS from SLO County ASD in March and is neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and litter box trained. He looks like an angel and he’s every bit as sweet as he looks! Johnny is a quiet boy who can usually be found curled up in a soft bed on our outside patio. Though he is independent, Johnny is very loving and affectionate and will never turn an offer of petting and love away. He’s a very trusting cat and you won’t fear for your hand if he rolls over on his back for you to pet his tummy. Johnny is good with other cats and with his easy going personality, would be a good choice for any type of household. He loves being on the catio, so would probably love to be an indoor/outdoor cat, but know that he’s going to want lots of loving and nap time, too! If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate cat to make your new furry companion, look no further—Johnny my just be that special one!


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