The Band Perry are hard at work on their second album. This time around they are working with producer Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Dixie Chicks, Metallica, Linkin Park), whose insight is helping the trio deal with their anxiety about the pivotal sophomore project. Reid Perry tells us, “We say it’s the responsibility of the second album, and Rick Rubin, he said that the second album, it is the sophomore project but it’s not the second thing that you’ve done in your career, so he’s been really great. There’s the therapist in him that’s really put our minds at ease and we’re able to buckle down and really focus on this, but (Neil Perry) Confident. (Reid) It’s more of a responsibility than a nervousness. (Kimberly Perry) And I think just because we feel the weight of the opportunity. I know that there’s so many folks who work as hard and harder than we do everyday to try and have these opportunities to stand on these stages night after night, and so I think it’s really, like Reid said, the weight of that responsibility. We wanna keep earning it, and the three of us are very goal-oriented, too, so we want to out due ourselves time and time again and just work hard to bring the best music that we can.”

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