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KJUG Secret Sound Fall 2018

Cash in every weekday at 9:20am, 12:20pm, and 4:20pm!

Every time we play we add $25 for every missed guess until someone gets it right! One person plays per contest until the jackpot hits $1000! At $1000, we'll triple the guess per contest until we get a winner and continue to add cash!

MISSED GUESSES SOUND #1: Engine Turning, Typewriter, Printer, Credit Card Machine, Lottery Machine, Hole Punch, cash register, Copy Machine, VHS tape loading, Gumball Machine, Paper Cutter, Turnstile, Locking Doors, Skeet Thrower, Coin dispenser/coin operated washing machine, slot machine.

WINNER SECRET SOUND #1: Amy Jo cashed in $500 by correctly guessing a Keurig/Coffee Machine. See the video of the sound on KJUG's facebook page now!

MISSED GUESSES SOUND #2: handball, nail gun, horse whip, exercise ball, belt, salt gun, whip, Binder, Mousetrap, staple gun, Nerf Gun, Ruler on a Desk, air compressor, Director's Clapboard.

WINNER SECRET SOUND #2: Mitzi called in and got $450 with a correct guess of FLY-SWATTER! See the video of the sound on KJUG's facebook page now!

MISSED GUESSES SOUND #3: binder clips, staple gun, gun, gumball machine, Briefcase, Tap Shoes, 6-pack rings on Pepsi/cans, stapler, hole punch, cash register, deck of cards, typewriter, airless nail gun, wooden crate, Roll-a-dex, phone book, boots stomping, nut cracker, ice tray, pepper grinder, power stapler, hole punch, Roller Skates, cap gun, Deadbolt, Vending Machine, tap shoes (again!), briefcase (again!), Coin Operated Washing Machine, turnstile, clay pigeon thrower, Mechanical Date/Time Stamp, spurs, Wood Creaking, tape measure, old hand clapper, coin operated toy/prize machine.

WINNER SECRET SOUND #3: Jason guessed a suitcase handle going up and down! He scored $1025! See the video of the sound on KJUG's facebook!

Thanks for playing the Fall 2018 edition of the KJUG Secret Sound!