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KJUG Secret Sound 2018

Cash in every weekday at 9:20am, 12:20pm, and 4:20pm!

Every time we play we add $25 for every missed guess until someone gets it right! One person plays per contest until the jackpot hits $1000! At $1000, we'll triple the guess per contest until we get a winner and continue to add cash!


Secret Sound #1 (started April 2, 2018)
Incorrect Guesses: Vending machine, coins in change cup, dominoes falling off table, soda can pop tab rattling, fireworks, breaking glass, money dropping in piggy bank, change falling from an arcade change machine, paperclip holder/container.

Congrats to our first winner on April 5th, Bailey who said "Mousetrap!" Bailey won $325!

Secret Sound #2
Incorrect guesses: blinds, deck of cards (multiple guesses), old time push mower, bag of chips, roulette wheel, ice cubes, Rolodex, playing card in bicycle spokes, prize wheel, coin-operated candy machine, Coins & Keys rattling in Pocket, Coinstar change machine, fish out of water, A Fan being stopped, sewing machine, Something Falling out of a Can, Slurpee machine, can of spray paint, margarita shaker, Garbage Disposal, movie/film reel, Brushes on car wash, ice machine/crushing ice, Stacking Poker Chips, photo album, plastic bottle, Game of Life Wheel, pull start on lawn mower, windmill weather vein, typewriter, pinwheel, swivel chair, (Hint: Office Supply) Paper Shredder, Tacks Falling on Desk, pins in a container, pencil sharpener, cash machine, binder clips, post-it notes.

Congrats to our $1100 winner! Nicole of Santa Maria who guessed "Paper Sorter!" See the video of the sound on our facebook page.

Secret Sound #3

First guess winner! Lisa of Atascadero got $100 by guessing Zippo Lighter

Secret Sound #4
Incorrect guesses: Hammer pulling out a nail, balloon, car door, wooden door opening, straw in plastic cup, 3-hole punch, container lid, cooler lid, windmill, nails on chalkboard, chair sliding on floor, marker on a white board, bad turkey call,, Door Hinge, Paper Cutter, opening wine/cork, stapler, Dumpster Lid, Car Suspension, Car Hood, Squeaky Chair, diving board,mailbox, Window Shutter, garbage can with automatic lid/foot pedal lid, packaging tape, Play Structure/Swing, gate latch, boat dock, Vending Machine, gate, Window Shutter, Dry Erase Marker, Tailgate, Office Chair, Truck Door, Cabinet Door, Typewriter, Trunk of old car, squeaky bed, Wood Floor, Pet Door, Car Door, Lock on Safe, Weather Vane, microphone, tire swing, BBQ lid, Pay Locker, Wooden Attic Ladder, Chest Opening, medicine cabinet, glove compartment, porch swing, old-fashioned pencil sharpener, clothes horse, cigar box, storm windows, safe, wood table, gate (again!!), rocking chair, screw into wood, nail/hammer (again!!!), wood splitter, wood clamps, wood splitter (again!!!), wooden truck, rocking horse, see saw, violin, crowbar pulling wood, wood stove door, wood vice, fire place dampener, roller coaster, wedge.

Congrats to Jen of Paso! She was the 9th of 10 callers at 9:20am today (Mon 5/21) and guessed "Tree" to win $1450!

Go to the facebook page to see the video and actual recording used in the game! Thanks for playing! The Secret Sound is over for now!