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KJUG Secret Sound 2017

Cash in every weekday at 9:20am, 12:20pm, and 4:20pm!

Every time we introduce a new Secret Sound, you could win $1000 cash if you identify it on the first play.

If not, the jackpot resets to $100 and we add $25 for every missed guess until someone gets it right!


Incorrect Guesses for Contest #1 (Closed):
Stapler, Hole Punch, Self Inking Stamper, Clock, Clicker/ Tally Taker, Toy Gun, Binder Clip,
Pogo Stick, a Pricing Gun, ink pen, tape deck ejecting, label maker, viewfinder toy, welding torch ignitor, passport stamp, cancelled bill/check stamp, metronome.
HINT : A Musician's Tool
WINNER: Kelsey of SLO guessed "Guitar Pedal" at 4:20p Wednesday 10/4, won $650!

Watch a video of Secret Sound #1 on our facebook page.

Incorrect Guesses for Contest #2 (Closed):

Bingo Ball Roller/bin, shooter video game, sawzall (reciprocating saw), electric pencil sharpener, remote control car, paper shredder, lathe, weed whacker, Pop-o-matic dice popper for Trouble board game, battery powered kids 4x4, food processor, blender, can opener, cappuccino steamer.
WINNER: Angelique of Paso guessed Knife Sharpener at 12:20p Thursday 10/12, won $475!

Watch a video of Secret Sound #2 on our facebook page.

Incorrect Guesses for Contest #3 (Closed):

Money Counting Machine, jack hammer, chattering teeth, bench grinder, Egg Beater, Coin Counter. Ratchet, Prize Wheel Spinner, Card Counting machine, Roller Coaster Tracks, A Chain, Bike De-Railer, egg timer, Wind-Up Mechanical Monkey, Wind-Up Toy with Chatter Mouth, rattlesnake, Coffee Grinder, Sewing Machine, NYE noisemaker, Mexican Jumping Beans, Garbage Disposal, Spinning Game Wheel, Paint Can Shaker, sprinkler, Fishing Lure, Old Fashioned Alarm Clock, Rain Stick, roulette wheel, Maraca's, Slot Machine, key making machine, shaker (musical instrument), Old Fashioned Lawn Mower, Roto Hammer, Tambourine, Fishing Reel, Card in Spokes, Musical Spoons, Matraca (Mexican Noisemaker), projector, dead battery/engine starter, Roulette Wheel, Poker Chips, Rotary Phone, Pinwheel, Ticker Tape, Bottle Caps.

HINT: Usually they are given away free, Usually you just throw them away, but some people collect them.

WINNER: Tamara of AG guessed "pin button" (that we were shaking) for the win! $1150!!
Watch a video of Secret Sound #3 on our facebook page.
The contest is now over for 2017. Thanks for playing!